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What makes us unique is that we offer all the CAD services you need in one place:

3D Jewellery Design, Scanning and Printing


We are one of the premier UK cad designers in the sphere of jewellery with an enviable client list which spans small boutique designers to many of the big names in UK jewellery.  Using the latest jewellery cad software, we can create one-offs or work with you to create master patterns.

Our quality of workmanship is second to none.  Nothing is too simple, nor too difficult or intricate for us.  Indeed, our reputation precedes us as we are very often the port of call where others have tried and failed.  

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One of the things which stands us apart from the rest is that our amazing craftspeople have the talent to  be able to digitally sculpt inanimate objects, accurate animal anatomy and other real-life forms, whether they be natural or imaginary.  In order to achieve such remarkable sculptural results, we employ the highly powerful combination of traditional sculpting techniques and and some of the most forward-thinking digital tools  on the market today.

Such impressively detailed figures have all manner of applications including jewellery, sporting trophies and objets d’art.

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Our top-of-the-range 3D in-house scanner has 6.5 million pixels and point spacing of 0.029mm, making it the best on the market.  It creates a 3D file from an existing object up to 10cm diameter in a matter of seconds.  This high precision 3D scanner has all sorts of uses including replicating existing pieces, making alterations to an existing design, including a real life object within a creation and incorporating fancy-shaped stones into 3d designs.

We also offer a separate scanning service for large pieces greater than 10cm diameter using a hand-held scanner capable of capturing a high level of detail.  

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With many years of experience under our belt, we have the enviable ability to create photo-realistic images using the very latest rendering software on the market.  These could be used for example in websites, digital communications, traditional publishing and advertising.  They can also be shown to your jewellery customers before they finally commit to a purchase, helping to avoid awkward and costly problems further down the road.  

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We can take your design from 2D flatwork drawing to 3D CAD design and then right through to the finished article created in the precious metal of your choice and set with beautiful stones.  

Our photo-realistic images generated using the 3D model mean that you will know exactly what your bespoke design will look like from all the different angles before you commit to a purchase.  Plus, any desired changes can be easily incorporated into the design at this stage.  Only once you are completely happy with the model and associated images, will the jewellery piece then be manufactured direct from the 3d model before being hand-finished by master craftsmen.

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We have two different prototyping machines allowing us to produce 3D prototypes for almost every type of 3d jewellery model.  

We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all developments in this swiftly changing technological area.  This ensures that our clients have access to the most up-to-date printers and the best detailing results.  

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Please email us with your design in 2D or 3D format at explaining which of our services you are interested in.

We will get back to you with a no-obligation quote, usually within 24 hours. In certain instances, a free personal appointment at our premises may be advisable, but we can recommend if this is the case.


Our home is in the Goldsmiths’ Centre in Farringdon, central London, a stone’s throw from Hatton Garden, London’s historic jewellery district. The Goldsmiths’ Centre was built in 2012 by The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London.  

More details and a map can be found on our Contact page.